• beer_beeruccino Beeruccino: A porter by Malt recipe, Beeruccino is a suitable replacement to an after dinner Cup-of-Joe. We use highly roasted malts in the mash.  During the boil an addition of clean American hops and black pepper match the complexities of locally roasted coffee. Almond wood chips add subtle vanilla notes to round it out during fermentation.
    Batten Down BrownThis Brown Ale offers a rich, bready, and toffee like malt profile that ends with a nutty punch. Six varieties of malts contribute to this complex medium bodied brew while a touch of hops counter the barley’s natural sweetness. beer_brown
    beer_cptn Captains Pale Ale: Our take on the classic American pale ale. Lightly roasted caramel malts provide a pleasant mouth feel to accompany the citrus and tropical American hops. The hop additions are late in the boil process to ensure a clean and refreshing finish. This is a great summer San Diego beer.
    Goosefoot Ginger: This beer is a Belgian strong amber ale made with quinoa to accompany the spicy yeast and wild yeast used in the fermenting process. The added crystalized ginger, golden raisins and candied beet sugars make this beer a great partner for pungent cheeses, apples & figs. beer_gsft
    beer_RIPA Hop The RIPAThis Red India Pale Ale is a sterling example of excess. Ample amounts of malts and hops provide a fresh aroma to this curiously balanced and malty beer. Hops in both the boil and dry hop process will keep a delicious aroma throughout the pint. This beer is very capable of overloading the unsuspecting pallet.
    Wicked As SinThis beer is fresh and spicy with resinous hops and very little malt presence. The piney and earthy hops provide a stand out character for this West-coast style rye IPA that is untraditional to that of a common San Diego IPA. beer_wicked
  • Beer-engarde En Garde (Spring Ale): This beer is Helm’s take on a Biere De Garde (Beer for the Keeping) style beer. Apple wood chips are added during fermentation to mimic the subtle apple qualities that can come from lager fermentation. En Garde is light yet complex and refined.
    O.G. Wheat (Summer Ale): This beer is based on the German Gose (goes-uh) style which is a naturally fermented wheat based beer traditionally brewed with salt and coriander. While producing this beer, 100% imported German malt and hops are used along with what's known as a "sour mash".  The sour mash imparts a pleasantly tart characteristic that is complimented with fragrant coriander. Just enough salt is used to balance out the sweetness of the malt, creating little to no apparent hop bitterness.  This beer is light, crisp, tart and refreshing. beer_og
    beer_samuin Samuin Harvest (Fall Ale):  Samuin (so-when) is an ancient Celtic word for November. It signified the beginning of the New Year and the final harvest before Winter. People celebrated and gave thanks for the bounty the summer had brought them. This beer is designed to bring back memories of childhood and eating Grandma’s pumpkin pie.
    Chocolate Night (Winter Ale): This Imperial Stout is brewed with an immense amount of barley to attain its “warming” qualities at 9.7% ABV.  In addition to the malts, a large amount of oatmeal is added to provide a creamy mouth feel and billowy head.  Ghiradeli Milk Chocolate is added to the boil, while premium vanilla extract is added post fermentation to round everything out. beer_chocnight